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Gravity Limit Switches

Application :

“Fortune” make Limit switches are used for heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes, Wagon shunting devices etc to prevent over travel.

The limit switch normally remains closed and cuts off power to stop the motor of the crane. The Lever limit switch operates when it reaches a predetermined position when the lever is moved over a projecting member fixed on the girder.


The series limit switch is fitted with four sets of contacts which cuts off two phases of the motor in either direction and is suitable for 500v.a.c. 50 cycles/sec. supply system. The limit switch contacts are automatically reset when the lever returns to zero position due to spring action.

The Limit Switches are made in IP 54 enclosure. The housing is made of Cast Iron / Cast Aluminium.  The base and cover have machined surface to protect against dirt and dust.

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