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Rotary Geared Limit Switches

Introduction :
Rotary geared type Limit Switches are used on control circuit of reversing drives so as to limit their rotation/movement with pre-determined position. The function of limit switch is to stop the mechanism at extreme forward/reverse position. The limit switches are available in different combinations with totally enclosed in LP-55 degree of protection with N.O. and N.C. contracts combination.
Gear ratio available are 48:1and 60:1

Applications :
Rotary geared type Limit Switches are suitable for use on reversing drives such as Hoists, winches, rolling mills and various other mechanisms used in steel plants such as coke oven, feeding machinery etc.

Construction :
Rotary geared type Limit Switch is basically consists of heavy duty worm gear drive. The worm gear unit is built in a cast housing fitted on main body of Limit Switch. The cam shaft which extends from behind the gear in to housing, accommodates the cams adjustable actuators which are fitted on the cams. These actuators strikes the contact finger of respective contacts

Technical Data :
  Body Material
  CI Casting (GR 25)
  Gear Material
  Nylon 30% Glass
  Worm Material
  Nylon 30% Glass
  Gear Ratio


  Cam setting


  Contact Material

  Silver Cadmium

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