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Solenoid Brakes

As a manufacturer of electromagnetic components Industrial Drive Systems also disposes of a wide range of rectifiers for the use of brakes and solenoids at the AC-mains. Reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reduction of the energy consumption are becoming more and more important with these products, apart from requirements like size reduction, integration potential and cost-effectiveness.

Modern rectifiers do not only provide direct current but optimize the operating behaviour of electromagnetic actuators, particularly with respect to dynamics, energy consumption and life span for the intended purpose.Products without diagnosis capabilities, sensor technology or electronic intelligence keep behind. The fast-paced development of the industrial automation and of the automobile industry requires more and more intelligent products. Our experience – particularly with the

Solenoid Brakes

integration of assemblies of electronic components into all kinds of mechanical actuators  - meets the more demanding requirements of our customers. Together we solve your tasks.

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